Lucas Allen

Having a Minn Kota mounted to my guiding vessel gives me total control of drifts along New Zealand’s flats. The ability to check out areas of interest is invaluable and can be the difference between a shot at a fish or being left wondering.

The nature of saltwater fly fishing means we’re often battling wind. Putting an angler in the best position to make an accurate cast is where the Minn Kota really excels and gives me peace of mind on the tough days.

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Ben Brown

My Minn Kota adds so much versatility to my boats – it gives me the ability to hold over deep pins when deep dropping for swordfish, sneak up on Snapper feeding in the shallows, quietly follow the bait when live-baiting for Marlin… It has bought a whole new dimension to my fishing which I can never again be without!

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Tony Orton

From quietly positioning my boat while wash fishing for snappers to holding position on deep pins for kingfish, Minn Kota has taken my fishing to the next level. I could now never do without one

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