From day one we’ve had one focus: to create better ways to control your boat so you can get the most out of every fishing experience. Nobody outthinks or outworks Minn Kota, and the proof is in our full arsenal of innovations.


We made boat control automatic, with a little assist from GPS technology. The i-Pilot® system comes on select motors, and can control your motor and your boat so you can focus on fishing. Lock onto a fishing spot, record and retrace a path, follow a heading, and more — all automatically, with GPS precision.

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i-Pilot makes boat control automatic — and i-Pilot® Link™ adds total integration. It works with your Humminbird® fish finder to let your boat do things you didn’t even know it was capable of. Store and return to any Humminbird waypoint, control your motor from your fish finder, follow depth contours automatically, and more. Fully integrated, to put you in total command.

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We built the first gear-driven electric trolling motor in 1934 and we haven’t stopped innovating since. The first bend-don’t-break composite shafts. The first GPS trolling systems that control your boat for you. The first integrated sonar systems, wireless remote controls and 112-pound thrust motors. All built for the guys who are the first ones on the launch ramp every morning. Explore our trolling motor technologies and see why the best anglers in the world put Minn Kota on their boat.

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Minn Kota shallow water anchors put you in total control, with the option to stow, deploy, and operate your anchor from a wireless remote, a Humminbird fish finder, your smart phone, or your trolling motor. With models ranging from 8′ to 15′ in depth and user-selectable anchoring modes to give the perfect hold in any condition, our shallow water anchors outperform and out think any others on the water. If you want to catch more fish in shallow water, they’re the only ones you need to know.

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Stop buying new batteries and start protecting the ones you’ve got. That’s the philosophy behind our chargers, which not only juice up your batteries faster than anyone — they also protect them for the long haul. By adjusting for outside temperature fluctuations, compensating for low-voltage outlets, and cleaning and conditioning your battery, our digitally controlled chargers get you back out on the water faster — and keep you running year after year. See how we build the ultimate marine on-board battery chargers.

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